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Orangeburg, SC

Orangeburg Electricians offers 24 hour electrician services in Orangeburg, SC. We have the expertise and training to perform all types of emergency electrical services. Count on us for rewiring to repairing electrical appliances and everything else you need.

If you’re in need of a 24 hour electrician in Orangeburg, SC, you’ve come to the right place! We serve both commercial as well as residential properties of Orangeburg County and surrounding areas. We are available to answer your electricity emergency calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter what your need is, whether you have a blackout or smell burning wires, you can rely on us for a quick response. We have a team of certified electricians who will come to your aid, fully equipped, and ready to help you on the spot. 

As a family-owned and operated company, Orangeburg Electricians has been in the business for many years. We have faced all kinds of situations, and we know how to respond to all electrical emergencies.

Professional 24 Hour Electrician In Orangeburg, SC

We fully understand how dangerous accidents related to electricity can be. We follow safety protocols and regulations when responding to your emergency, because we take our customer’s and our employees lives seriously. When we send an emergency electrician to your home, know you’re getting the best. 

You can trust Orangeburg Electricians for 24-hour electrical emergency service. We are an affordable, customer focused company and will never overcharge you for anything. We do not take money in advance. You can pay us once we have solved your problem. We also guarantee all of our work, so if you face issues right after we have worked on your house or business location, we will come and fix it free of cost. We use the highest quality materials while providing a repair. We do not compromise on quality in order to make more money. That is not how we operate. For us, customer satisfaction is a must, and our reputation is more important than a profit. Providing the highest quality service with attention to customer needs is important to us. When you have a need for a 24 hour electrician Orangeburg, SC, you can call us knowing we have your best interest in mind. 


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Generator installation and repair

If you are facing a blackout and the generator is not working, you may need immediate help. At Orangeburg Electricians, we are quick to respond to emergency electrical needs in places like hospitals, commercial properties, farms, and home. We can help get your generator working and providing electricity again. We can install new generators if you don’t already have one, for residences as well as for commercial businesses.


Electrical surges can cause fires and damage your electrical equipment in your home or business. We install circuit breakers, fuses, and provide inspection to minimize electrical surges.

Fire repairs

If wires or outlets have been destroyed due to electric fire, do not try to fix them by yourself. You need an electrician and we are available for 24 hour electrician service. We will send an expert to your location and get it fixed.

Air conditioning system

If your air conditioning system has stopped working and you need immediate help, call us. Our electricians can assess the issue and fix your problem so you can get back to a comfortable temperature inside your house.

Industrial and commercial blackouts

Blackouts in an industrial setting can cause you to lose time and money, not to mention frustration. That’s why we have a specific team dedicated to handle commercial electrical problems.

At some point, you may require electrical services at your Orangeburg residence or business. A reliable residential and commercial electric contractor should be called upon. If you’re an apartment, a brand-new home, a retail store, hospital or a corporate office dealing with an emergency electrical problem, Orangeburg Electricians are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No work is too large or too small for us and our trained and dedicated electrical contractors are focused on helping property owners in the Orangeburg area repair their electrical issues quickly and efficiently.

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