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Orangeburg, SC

Are you looking to install new lighting for your house or business? Orangeburg Electricians can help! We are a licensed electrical company installing, repairing, and maintaining lighting for commercial and residential properties of Orangeburg County. We have years of experience installing and repairing all types of lights.

Orangeburg Electricians can repair or upgrade the lighting structure of your house or business. If you have old or damaged lights that need to be immediately replaced, call us. We respond quickly and send a team to you as soon as possible. We are experts in indoor as well as outdoor lighting for residential and commercial properties. 

Why Choose Us For Lighting Services in Orangeburg?

We understand what lights mean to your house or business. They are not only a necessity, but they can completely transform the look of your property.

The right type of lighting can impact the interior design and often the mood of the people working or living inside the house. Without good lighting, it is futile to have expensive furniture, floors, walls, etc. Lights enhance the look of every aspect of your house and often represent your personality. A properly illuminated room makes your room feel bigger. Spaces that do not have effective lighting can look small and cramped. Lights set a tone to your house. For example, in hotter weather like we experience in Orangeburg,  lighting that illuminates cool tones can be fixed, while in colder weather, lighting can be installed that illuminates warmth. The lighting should also be different for different rooms. For example, living rooms and study rooms need more lights than bedrooms. Lights can be used to create focal points in the house. If you want to bring attention to the beautiful mahogany dining table you have, fix a chandelier or some other type of more modern lighting above it. We are the electricians in Orangeburg, SC you can call for all your lighting services and installation needs.

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Residential Indoor Lighting

We can replace, repair, or install lighting in any room in your home. We can put up chandeliers or decorative lighting in your living room. Our residential electrician experts can help you understand the design, energy efficiency, and feel of the lights to be installed. We choose the best lights that are of the highest quality and have a warranty for more than five years. We never install lights that do not meet our standards. We can rewire the old wires if needed for proper lighting. We can change the kitchen and bathroom lights with more modern and aesthetic ones. Our experts understand what fits your house and choose the lights accordingly. We are highly effective in installing or repairing all types of residential indoor lighting. You can trust us with your lighting, and we promise to do our best. 

Residential Outdoor Lighting

Security and landscape lighting are the two types of outdoor lighting we offer. The lighting on the outside is much more different than the inside. Outdoor lighting needs to be much more powerful than indoor lighting. They will illuminate a much larger area. Outdoor lighting also keeps trespassers away and they can also enhance the overall look of your house.

Commercial Interior and Exterior lighting

Security and landscape lighting are the two most frequent types of outdoor lighting we offer for businesses. We understand your security needs, and security lighting is one of the most requested commercial electrician services we offer. In addition, we can wire and rewire any commercial property for your indoor lighting needs. We can offer an energy audit and recommend energy efficient lighting as well. Call us today for all your commercial electrical lighting needs!

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