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Orangeburg Electricians are one of the best electrical contractors for residential electrical services in South Carolina. We provide a fast response when customers need us, and we’re committed to the highest quality of electrical work so that you get unparalleled service, installation, and repair.

Orangeburg Electricians is a family run electrical company. We have years of experience, training, and certification to provide practical residential electrical repair and installation services. We understand how important your house is to you and that’s why we provide safe and expert residential electrical repair. If you need quick and efficient electrical services for your house in Orangeburg, South Carolina, call us today.


Our electricians at Orangeburg Electricians are trained in and out of the classroom and have proper certification with the state of South Carolina. We service Orangeburg and all nearby areas. There is no electrical project we can’t handle, and we’re available for 24-hour emergency electrical services if you need us. We can dispatch in one call so reach out now if you need us.

Install New Outlets Or Replace Older Outlets

Outlets are a necessity if you want to run your electrical equipment inside the house. Whether it’s your refrigerator, TV, microwave, fan, or any other electric equipment, without a properly wired and working outlet, your equipment won’t function and could be dangerous. At Orangeburg Electricians, we install the best quality, safe, fire-resistant outlets for your home. Our residential electrical contractors will come to your house at the scheduled time, fully equipped to perform the installation, repair, or replacement of the outlets. Once you get the old outlets repaired, you will reduce the possibility of electrical fires or accidental electrocution while trying to plug in something on the outlet.

Installing or replacing fuse boxes

Fuse boxes control the electrical system of your entire house. They are important if you want to protect your house from blackouts or electric fires or getting electric equipment damaged. The electricity you get from the utility lines usually flows steady. However, faults in the line, lightning, and other things can fluctuate the electric current that can send an influx of High Voltage electricity to your house. This surge of electricity can cause severe damage to your electrical appliances and can even cause a fire in your house. We can help protect this from happening to your home. If you have a fuse that is burned, damaged, or needs to be replaced, Orangeburg Electricians can do it for you. Give us a call today and we will schedule a time to come to your home.

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Installing Lights

At Orangeburg Electricians, we are experts at installing light fixtures for utility as well as aesthetic purposes. Beautiful light fixtures can change the complete look and feel of your house. They are considered one of the greatest assets of interior design. We can provide you the expertise and know how to properly install lighting fixtures in your home to enhance the beauty of your residence.

Exterior Lighting

We can install outdoor security lights to illuminate the outside of your house and prevent burglaries from happening.

We know the type of lights that will provide you security that are inexpensive and can withstand low temperatures, moisture and other external elements.

Interior Lights

We can install beautiful looking, high quality interior lights that increase the aesthetics of the interior of your house. We can also help reduce your utility bill by installing energy efficient lights.  Once you choose interior lighting that complements your homes design, our experts can install them perfectly.

Surge Protection

Electrical surges give a brief voltage spike causing disturbances in your home’s power. It can damage or destroy the electrical equipment inside your home. We can install surge protection or replace old wiring to prevent electrical surges from damaging your house and the electrical appliances in your home. Surge protection is can be a great investment to protect your homes electrical appliances.

Circuit Breakers

Orangeburg Electricians can protect your house from excess current, short circuits and electrical overloads. A good circuit breaker will protect you against needing expensive electrical repairs or even wiring replacement. At Orangeburg Electricians we can replace your old fuses with circuit breakers making it easier for you control your electricity during high electrical surges. We offer circuit breaker installation and repair in Orangeburg, SC and Orangeburg County as well as Calhoun County, Bamberg, and Barnwell.

Code Correction

If your house is violating electrical codes, that means it has a potential for serious damage to your home. A code violation is often found during an electrical inspection when you are remodeling old equipment, old wiring, and electrical damage inside your home. If an electrical accident causes electric fires, you won’t be covered by insurance if your house does not meet code. That’s why it is important to get this code corrected as soon as possible. At Orangeburg Electricians, we can help you deal with such situations.

Electrical Inspection

We provide an electrical inspection of the electrical connections and wiring of your home. This could help you prevent electrical fires, electrical surges and constant electric damage of your electrical equipment inside your house. These inspections can also improve the energy efficiency of the house, resulting in reduced costs on your energy bills.  

Fire and Security Alarms

Fire and security alarms are important for the security and safety of your house. The wiring of these alarms should always be working in perfect condition to ensure your safety and communication. Orangeburg Electricians can inspect the alarm system, install the fire and security alarm system, and repair it if there is something wrong with the system. We understand the importance of safety, that’s why we provide you the best inspection for your alarm systems at home.

Kitchen And Bathroom Lights

Orangeburg Electricians also install kitchen and bathroom lights. We can replace the old lights, change the lighting wiring, and install new lights. We can provide any residential electrical services for you.

Electric Water Heater

If you have an electric heater at home that doesn’t work properly, we can take a look at the electrical components and repair if anything is wrong. If you need residential electrical services, call us today!

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