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Orangeburg Electricians is the preferred commercial electrician in Orangeburg, SC, providing quality commercial electrical services to businesses to help you keep running effectively, safely, and growing in your business.

CALL We have years of commercial electrician experience in Orangeburg, SC and offer many commercial electrical services, including:

+ Installation

+ Upgrades to lighting systems

+ Updating electrical wiring, phone or data cabling

+ Security systems lighting and design

+ Energy efficiency checkups. 

If you need electric service at your commercial business, including schools, industrial facility, restaurants, corporate offices, etc., give Orangeburg Electricians a call. We are the local electrician you can trust in Orangeburg County. With are efficient, affordable, customer focused and can work on any electrical need you have. When you call us, you can assured you are working with a well trained, certified, and insured electrician. We are proud to serve the entire Orangeburg County area including, Bowman, Branchville, Cope, Cordova, Elloree, Eutawville, Holly Hill, Livingston, Neeses, North, Norway, Rowesville, Santee, Springfield, Vance, and Woodford. We also service adjacent counties, Calhoun, Bamberg, and Barnwell.

Commercial Lighting

Orangeburg Electricians maintain and repair all types of electric lighting for your commercial property. If you have moved to a new business location and need a trustworthy company to install the lighting for you, Orangeburg Electricians can help. We are known for skilled commercial lighting installation and are proud to be a preferred commercial electrician Orangeburg, SC. We guarantee our services, so if there are any electrical issues, we will come and fix them for free for the first year.

If you need to change your old lighting system to a more energy-efficient one, we can suggest proper changes. For example, incandescent lighting can be changed into fluorescent or CFL. Orangeburg Electricians can help you get the best lighting fixtures and lights at affordable prices with high-quality material. The lighting we install will brighten up the interior of your office, making the work experience much better for you as well as reducing your electricity bill. We can install lighting for commercial properties, such as hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, retail shops, parking lots, street lights, outdoor lights, shopping malls, football fields, and others. Our outdoor lights have a high intensity that can brighten up the outdoor area in the night time while standing durable even in the harshest of weather conditions.

We also offer LED upgrades for a more cost-effective and brighter interior.

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Transformer Service

Transformers allow the transfer of electricity from one electrical circuit to another electrical circuit. Commercial properties often need high voltage electricity, especially when equipment is frequently being used. Transformers are used to decrease high AC voltage for electronic equipment that needs low voltage such as computers. Having a fully functional and efficient Transformer for your business is important. If you are experiencing any issues with the Transformer, give us a call today. We can repair or help you replace your transformer today. We can troubleshoot, inspect, repair, and test your equipment to ensure it is in working order.

Do not hesitate to call Orangeburg Electricians for your commercial electrician needs. We have years of experience and know-how to install, replace, or repair Transformers, following building codes and local electrical codes. You can rest assured that you are getting the best and safest Transformer service for your business. Call us today for a free estimate on your transformer service, (803) 274-6336. We are also available for emergency electrical service.

Security Lighting

Looking for a great way to protect your business? Consider security lighting. Lighting is an effective deterrant to criminals looking for an easy business to target. If you want to cut down on the level of crime at your business, you should consider having security lighting installed by professional commercial electricians Orangeburg, SC.

Security lighting is simple but effective in how it works. We can install motion sensors that will kick on for a preferred length of time. These sensors are a very effective crime deterrant. In addition, we can help you sort through the options for security lighting, including brightness, cost, energy efficiency and more. A great addition to security lighting is a security camera system, which we can install for you. It’s important to have professional electrician installation as it involves wiring and cabling that should be done properly to prevent future problems. Call us today and we can help you install all of our security lighting and camera needs.

Data Cable

Most businesses run on the internet nowadays, whether it is a retail shop or a corporate office. You need a fast and efficient internet at all times. When you want to fix data connections for your phone or the internet, call Orangeburg Electricians. We have installed data cables for many businesses all over Orangeburg, South Carolina. We have the experience, knowledge, and training to do the job with efficiency. We’ll keep you connected for all your internet and communication needs. Call the expert commerical electricians Orangeburg SC today!

Electrical Inspection

If you are getting high electricity bills and not sure why you are getting them, even if you are very meticulous about energy saving, then you must get your business checked by an electrician. There is a phenomenon called electricity leakage, which happens when your wiring is faulty, and it can cause the connected appliance to consume extra electricity. It can also cause overheating in the appliances that, in turn, can trigger electric fires and damage to electrical appliances. Proper electric inspection of your wiring and electrical outlets can reduce the chances of electrical fires and keep you safe at all times.


Businesses that cannot suffer blackouts, such as hospitals, emergency services and police stations need electricity 24/7 even if something goes wrong in the actual electrical transmission. These places need to have electricity, that’s why generators are a must in these situations. Maintaining the generator is important, especially if it is not used on a regular basis. We at Orangeburg Electricians not only maintain generators, but we also install high-quality generators for businesses that need it. Call us for generator installation or repair today.

Electric Codes

Is your company following the latest electric code updates? With improvements and additions every three years, your company may find it hard to keep up with South Carolina’s electric codes. Don’t worry though!  We know you’ve got plenty on your desk so count on Orangeburg Electricians. We can inspect your commercial property to insure you are up to code. We are the only commercial electrician Orangeburg SC you need! Call us today! 
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