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If you need trustworthy electricians for electrical panel service, repairs, upgrades, installation, and maintenance, Orangeburg Electricians can help. We specialize in all types of electrical panel service from installation, rewiring, circuit breakers, fuses, upgrades, and more.

Orangeburg Electricians is your first choice for electrical panel and meter service in Orangeburg, SC. If you’re looking for electricians who service electrical panels and meters for residences and commercial in Orangeburg and the local area, give us a call! We are your choice for professional, reliable, affordable electrical panel service. We complete jobs on time and give our customers the attention and dedication they deserve. We offer:

+ Electrical panel and meter testing

+ Electrical panel amp servicing 

+ Electrical panel upgrades and rewiring

+ Electrical panel service and installation

Providing Electric Panel Service In Orangeburg, SC And Surrounding Areas

The circuit breakers on the electrical panel are a safety net for any kind of electrical surges. Electrical surges can happen for any  number of reasons. There might be issues from the power grid. There might be a disturbance in the transformers or in the transmission wires, etc. Lighting and cross-connections can also cause a sudden electrical surge.

Using a lot of electrical equipment at once or short circuits inside your house can also trigger electrical surges—a circuit breaker trips when the circuit is overloaded with a high voltage of electricity. The mechanism is quite the same as a fuse. Just like a fuse when it stops working, you need to change it. With circuit breakers, you simply trip the lever again, and the electricity starts to flow again. A properly working electrical panel is a must for the safety of your house and business. It should be wired properly to comply with all the building and electrical codes. In the absence of properly working circuit breakers, the electrical surges can cause electrical fires in your house and damage your electrical equipment.  Call us for all your electrical panel service in Orangeburg, SC!

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When you might NEED THE help OF our electrical panel SERVICES

Breakers keep tripping

If your breakers keep tripping every few hours or every day, it is not normal. There is an electrical problem that is causing the issue. At Orangeburg Electricians, we will inspect and find the root of the issue, whether it’s the electrical panel itself or some other underlying issue, and we will fix it. 

Short Circuits

When the positive and negative terminals of the wires touch one another, it provides a large amount of electricity to flow through the circuit, causing the breakers to trip. If you can’t determine what has triggered the short circuit or you need the help of an emergency 24 hour electrician immediately, call Orangeburg Electricians. We are available 24/7 for any kind of electrical emergencies. 

Ground Fault

The breakers can also trip when an open wire touches the ground causing a high voltage of electricity to flow through the wires. We will inspect and identify the source of Ground Fault and repair it. We also make sure something like that doesn’t happen again. 


When you can’t restore the electricity even after tripping the breaker back in place, there might be something wrong with the breaker box. Do not try to fix it yourself and it can be dangerous and a disaster waiting to happen. We can help! Just one call and we can take a look at the issue. We have helped hundreds of panel box issues, and you can trust us with yours. We promise to get your power back, so you can get back to your life and work. 

We will maintain your electrical panel

One of the electrical panel services we offer is maintenance to keep your panel working at it’s best. We will remove the cover from the frame and check the breakers. We check all contacts and do a thermal test to see if there is an extremely high temperature somewhere. High temperature means electrical problems. Call us today to get your electric panels checked. We service all of Orangeburg County!

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